Car & Heavy Truck Towing in Blythe, CA & I-10

Towing I 10

Ramsey Towing is Blythe, CA and I-10's premier provider of expert and affordable towing, roadside and heavy equipment hauling in Blythe, CA and Quartzsite, AZ and the I-10 corridor. Offering 24hr towing, roadside and equipment hauling, our team is experienced and ready to tow or haul anything, anytime to anywhere. Call our 24hr dispatch center now at 760-922-4161.

Ramsey Towing maintains a large fleet of tow trucks operated by experienced, CTTA Certified towing and recovery professionals. We offer 24hr towing and roadside service in Blythe, CA and Quartzsite, AZ and the I-10 corridor from Indio to Phoenix providing full towing and roadside services.

  • Interstate 10 from Indio, CA to Phoenix AZ
  • CA-78 from I-10 to Brawley
  • US-95 from Yuma, AZ to the Vidal Junction (CA-62)

Call our 24hr dispatch center now at 760-922-4161
to get the Ramsey Towing team working for you.

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Blythe, CA and I-10 Towing Service

Ramsey Towing offers 24/7/365 Blythe, CA and I-10 Towing Services. Our team is experienced in providing auto and truck towing and roadside assistance throughout the Blythe, CA and I-10 corridor. With over 50 years of combined towing experience on staff to serve you, Ramsey Towing is the area's premier towing provider.

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Heavy Truck Towing & Recovery

Heavy Truck Recovery

Maintaining a fleet of heavy duty recovery vehicles and experienced in all types of heavy towing and recovery situations, the Ramsey Towing team are prepared to resolve your heavy towing or recovery issue. With our 50 ton wrecker and extended reach heavy recovery services we can tow all types of heavy duty trucks, RVs, Motorhomes, Coaches and Buses. We also have 5th Wheel towing services available.

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Heavy Equipment Hauling

heavy equipment hauling

Ramsey Towing is the area expert in fast, safe and affordable heavy equipment hauling. With a dedicated fleet of drop-deck equipment hauling trailers we are prepared to haul your load throughout the Southwest US.

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Heavy Recovery & Transport Cargo Services

The Ramsey Towing team offers complete heavy truck and commercial truck recovery services in the area and long I-10. We have extensive knowledge and experience in providing fast, safe and affordable highway recovery services. Offering year-round recovery services, our team provides heavy truck accident recovery, RV recovery, winching and ditch extractions.

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Trusted Partner, Customer Recommended

Ramsey Towing has built strong relationships with the community and area law enforcement departments to provide quality and reliable towing services. Maintaining an expansive tow truck fleet, we provide emergency responder support in Blythe, CA and Quartzsite, AZ and the I-10 corridor. We also partner with some of the nation's biggest towing and recovery networks including Allstate and Coachnet Roadside Service. Gaining the trust of these organizations occurred over years of providing the best Blythe, CA and I-10 Towing Services available. Call Ramsey Towing at 760-922-4161 with the confidence you're hiring the community's trusted tower.

Ramsey Towing Provides Towing & Recovery Services To:
  • CA Department of Transportation CALTRANS
  • The Department that Patrols California's Highways
  • AZ Department of Public Safety
  • AZ Bureau of Land Management
  • CA Fish & Game Commission
  • US Homeland Security Department
  • Riverside County Sheriff's Office
  • Lapaz County Sheriff's Office
  • Imperial County Sheriff's Office
  • Riverside County Fire Department
  • Blythe, CA Fire Department
  • Blythe, CA Police Department

Ramsey Towing is the premier provider of auto towing, heavy towing, roadside assistance and equipment hauling in Blythe, CA and Quartzsite, AZ and the I-10 corridor. The provide service on all highways including Interstate 10 from Indio to Phoenix, CA-78 from I-10 to Brawley and US-95 from Yuma to the Vidal Junction (CA-62). We also provide complete heavy truck DOT and cargo services to the Points of Entry Weight Stations on I-10 including:

I-10 Westbound California POE at Mile Marker 11 in Blythe, CA

I-10 Eastbound Arizona POE at Miler Marker 4 in Ehrenberg

Mission Statement:

We are committed to provide the most professional, reliable, speedy and quality services to our clients at competitive prices. No job is too small or too big for our equipment and knowledgeable staff.

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