Heavy Duty Truck Recovery
& Cargo Services

Heavy Duty Recovery I 10

Ramsey Towing provides immediate response heavy duty truck recovery, accident clean up and cargo services in Blythe, CA and the I-10 corridor from Indio CA to Phoenix. Our team of trained recovery professionals are prepared for any recovery situation. The Ramsey Heavy Towing & Recovery team has earned the highest recovery certifications available from the California Tow Truck Association recovery training providers. We have an extensive fleet of recovery vehicles and a complete line of accident recovery equipment to ensure your scene is cleaned up safety and swiftly saving you time and money. Our recovery equipment and services include:

  • Heavy Duty Recovery
  • Accident Cleanup
  • Truck Winching
  • Truck Rollover Recovery
  • Off-Road Recovery
  • HAZMAT Services
  • End Loader Service
  • Cargo Cleanup Services
  • Load Cleanup
  • Cargo Offloading
  • Cargo Storage
  • Trailer Storage
  • Haul Completion Services

Heavy Duty Accident Cleanup & Site Remediation

I 10 Accident Clean Up

Heavy truck accident cargo cleanup is a necessary step in any heavy duty accident situation. Often these services can be expense and time consuming but Ramsey Towing partners with its clients to ensure the most efficient incident management protocol is activated to provide for quick heavy recovery services and the best possible price. Partnering with Ramsey Towing for your cargo clean up and cargo services will result in the job being completed correctly, safely and quickly saving you money and removing potential future liability from partnering with a company who cuts corners. We provide complete cargo and load services and the best possible rates. Contact them now at 760-922-4161.

Mobile Crane Services

Mobile Crane Services

Ramsey Towing provides expert mobile crane services. We can load, unload, lift, set or place large objects for hauling or retail/commercial and residential applications. Our team is experienced in providing 24hr crane services for all types of cargo needs. We can provide trailer bunking and unbunking, truck stacking, cargo offloading and cargo loading wherever you need it 24/7/365. Contact our dispatch center now to get a quote for your cargo loading job.

Weight Station, POE & Cargo Services

Ramsey Towing offers complete weight station and Port of Entry Services through Blythe, CA and Ehrenberg, AZ. We understand your time is valuable and can dedicate an entire team to your situation if needed to get your truck properly weighted and on its way to the delivery point ASAP.

We provide scale services to the following locations:

  • I-10 Westbound California POE at Mile Marker 11 in Blythe, CA
  • I-10 Eastbound Arizona POE at Miler Marker 4 in Ehrenberg

Cargo, Load and Scale Services Include:

  • Cargo Handling
  • Cargo Storage
  • Cargo Transfers
  • Loadshifts
  • Load Transfer Service
  • Forklift Service
  • Load Swap Service
  • Skid Steer Service
  • Pallet Jack Service

Heavy Recovery Service Area

Ramsey Towing provides recovery services throughout the I-10 corridor between Indio and Phoenix. With a fleet of trucks and a team of drivers, Ramsey Towing provides 24hr towing services at great rates. Call our dispatch center now at 760-922-4161.

Cities in Service Area

Cities in Service Area

  • Blythe, CA
  • Desert Center, CA
  • Earp, CA
  • Palo Verde, CA
  • Vidal, CA
  • Bouse, AZ
  • Cibola, AZ
  • Ehrenberg, AZ
  • Parker, AZ
  • Poston, AZ
  • Quartzsite, AZ